Satisfaction – a myth?

A very common yet powerful word.The more I think about it,the more its meaning deepens.What makes one feel satisfied? A dream? An aspiration? Money? Love? Or is it just a myth? Can anyone ever have that feeling of satisfaction? 

Don’t you ever feel that what you are aspiring for is unachievable? Yupp ofcourse.The things we aspire for are usually way beyond our catch.People around the world have quoted “Dream big,Achieve big” but is it so? Do all dreams get fulfilled? I don’t think so.But should you stop dreaming?No coz not all dreams are out of reach.

This kind of makes satisfaction a myth and sure it should be that way. The sole purpose of living is to be happy with what you have, keep aspring for more and never be satisfied.You will not be in a place you thought of but surely somewhere you were meant to be.But..

Satisfaction is a feeling better left unfelt.


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