The Finite Sets {…}

Idk how to put this into words but for everything you think, you want, you believe in, I say there’s this finite set that exists.

Consider things that make you happy. Let’s say you wanted to visit someplace since childhood. No matter when and how you go there, it’s the place where your happiness had lied all along. So the happy set is very finite. Very few things can make you happy. Friends, love, care, etc. are some of them. Money ain’t. You may have enough money but maybe you are broke to such an extent from where it’s tough to recover or it would take years.

Does it make sense? Idk, it does to me coz everything has to be bound in some way. Your dreams, aspirations, achievements are all bounded by what levels of it makes you happy.

Ok, I know all of this sounds a bit weird but common let’s give it a thought for once? Let’s consider the sad set now. Loneliness and losing some loved one could fall under this set and I am sure there are only finite of these elements that can make one sad. Good food, sound sleep, good sex, etc would fall under let’s say the ‘suffice’ set.

The core of this shit is everything is finite and bounded. Do the math!!



At this hour,I should be sleeping but then this song came up “We don’t talk anymore”.Isn’t this song a result of expectations?

The point when you feel you are expecting too much from life comes some day or other.It is kind of heart breaking that all the effort you had put into something ended up in a mess.Be it a project,an interview or a relationship.We are bound to expect stuff,if not from others but atleast from ourselves.But most of our lives are full of failures.Where did we go wrong? Was it the lack of efforts or was it that the expectations were high?

Me,personally have a hell lot of in my mind.The things I want,the stuff I wanna do for others,career related goals and a hell lot of other things.But am I expecting more than I deserve?How would I even know?How will I unless I try and fail!!I won’t know if I deserve it or not unless I expect.I may be confused as hell with lots of stuff hurting my head but I won’t stop expecting coz I can.I stop and I am done.

I will expect my career to flourish with the effort I am putting in.I will expect to own that bike some day.I will expect my muscles to build.I will expect that girl to be with me someday.I will expect all the stuff that hurts my mind.I am happy with failures but giving up on my expectations,NAH.

As katy perry finishes her “The one that got away”, I too wish that in another life if not in this one.Peace

Satisfaction – a myth?

A very common yet powerful word.The more I think about it,the more its meaning deepens.What makes one feel satisfied? A dream? An aspiration? Money? Love? Or is it just a myth? Can anyone ever have that feeling of satisfaction? 

Don’t you ever feel that what you are aspiring for is unachievable? Yupp ofcourse.The things we aspire for are usually way beyond our catch.People around the world have quoted “Dream big,Achieve big” but is it so? Do all dreams get fulfilled? I don’t think so.But should you stop dreaming?No coz not all dreams are out of reach.

This kind of makes satisfaction a myth and sure it should be that way. The sole purpose of living is to be happy with what you have, keep aspring for more and never be satisfied.You will not be in a place you thought of but surely somewhere you were meant to be.But..

Satisfaction is a feeling better left unfelt.